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BOC-3 Filings: Why Are They Required by the FMCSA?

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What Exactly is a BOC-3 Form?

BOC is short for Blanket of Coverage. This form is federally filed and ensures your entire commercial fleet has the legal authority to work in every state in which you operate. The BOC-3 filing coverage extends to truckers for hire, brokers, and freight forwarders.

All commercial truck fleet owners are required to file a BOC-3 form. This document allows you to operate on interstates. You must also have a form BOC-3 filing on file in order to reinstate FF or MC numbers that may have been revoked.

Why You Need a BOC-3 Form

When you file the form, you are designating a process agent to accept legal documents on your behalf for motor carrier safety administration.

Let’s say your company is based in Florida and one of your trucks is involved in an accident in Georgia. If a driver involved in the accident sues your company, your process agents will receive all court papers and legal documents related to the lawsuit.

Designation of agents ensures that if legal issues arise, your trucking company can be found by interested parties and papers are received accordingly. It also protects your company so that you never miss an important legal notice that could impact your business.

How to File a BOC-3 Form

The BOC-3 process is simple. The first step to file a is to contact a process agent, who will file the form on your behalf. The form must include all states in which you intend to operate.

Your process agents is the entity that gives commercial trucking fleets, including freight forwarders and brokers, a legal presence in the states in which they do business.

The FMCSA states that only a process agent can file a BOC-3 form on behalf of the applicant. However, brokers or freight forwarder applicants may act as their own process agent when filing BOC-3

Find a Process Agent Today!

You have the authority to designate your own process agent to file with the FMCSA. Royalty Speed has helped countless commercial trucking companies file BOC-3 forms and also offer all the guidance you need to move forward with confidence.

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