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What Determines the Cost and Rates of Transportation

  • Weight and size: The dimensions and the total weight of your shipment is a big factor to be considered properly. Every inch adds into the total rate that is set and provided to you.
  • Shipping method: The method of shipment that you choose will determine pricing. Every single mode of transportation has its own rate chart.
  • Destination and the origin of shipment: Where it’s coming from and where it’s going to has an impact on the rate, as different locations are connected via different transportation modes that can influence price.
  • Other special services: If your goods are fragile, perishable, hazardous etc, there can be extra costs, as it will require careful instructions for safe handling.
  • A dry van is typically 43-53 feet and carries dry goods.
  • A reefer van is refrigerated and is used for perishable or sensitive goods, which makes it a little pricier than a standard dry van.
  • A flatbed handles bulky, over sized, or oddly shaped goods. Pricing varies because cost is determined by the type of goods, not necessarily the method itself.
  • A step dock trailer is utilized when the contents are taller than the average load; heavy construction items such as flooring, scaffolding, setups, pipes, and tractors can be transported with this type of hauler. This is typically one of the most expensive methods due to rarity and potential complications.

Our Services

We provide services in all areas of transportation, according to your specific needs. Our freight brokering services include shipping of almost anything, advising, and quotes for each method of shipping. We can also file your BOC-3 form for FMCSA if your in the transportation business and needing that

Freight Shipping

A transportation mode that moves merchandise such as cargo, goods, and various commodities. This method operates by land, sea, and air via truck, train, ship and/or plane. 

There are many brokers that work in this industry, but Royalty Speed can guarantee world-class service where other companies are lacking. Choose us, and we will show you why we are your best option for all future shipping needs.

The Benefits of Choosing a Freight Service with Us

Here at Royalty Speed, we give you options for your freight shipping, so you can decide what best suits your specific needs.

Time- We know your goods need to be moved in a timely manner, that is why we work closely with carriers for each shipping method to ensure that your items are picked up, and delivered, on a schedule that works for everyone. We do not waste time with extraneous emails/phone calls, or wait around to send you documents; we are prompt, so that you get the service you deserve. 

Shipping Costs- When you choose Royalty Speed, you choose savings. Our competitive rates and pricing charts allow us to find the best carriers/methods, and maximize your savings.

Carriers- We only work with top-class carriers. This selectivity ensures that every commodity we help move is being carried safely and securely, with experts at the wheel. 

Freight Packaging Methods

Pallets- This is one of the most common ways to move a good. Pallets are portable, durable, but also lighter weight. They can be helpful in the loading and unloading process as well, because they can be picked up by machinery. Pallets also help maximize the space inside a trailer to help shippers get the most for their money. 

Shrink Wrap/Strapping- One of these two methods is almost always used in the moving of goods. Items need to be secured in place, and it is important to use straps or wrap to tightly secure it down. Additionally, wrap helps protect shipments from wear and tear. Being aware of potential fragility is key to the right securing method, which is why we pay close attention during our bookings with you as the shipper, and the carriers, to make sure packages and items are labeled correctly so that anything mildly fragile is handled with the utmost care. 

Crate Shipping- Crates are utilized for the most fragile items, because it can protect the contents from general exterior and weather damage. Wooden crates are able to accommodate standard and non-standard dimensions, all while being an affordable and flexible method of shipping for both short and long distance hauls

Look at the bottom of the page for some helpful packing tips!

How we Quote

After considering the items that need to be moved (fragile vs weight vs size) and the location the items are coming from and going to (urban vs suburban vs rural, long distance vs short sprint), the transportation method needs to be determined. The method of travel, and extra tools used to aid in shipment, calculate into the total cost of shipment. Heavier, more fragile, taller, more long distance, and shipments to more desolate areas can all be factors that increase the quote of movement, However, our team cares about finding the best possible rates and will work hard to find the proper carriers who are in the right place to get the best price for every kind of freight. 

Royalty Speed to the Rescue

No more long drives, late nights, or irritating phone calls. Royalty Speed can move your goods any distance, at any time, and at the best rates as compared to competitors. We go above and beyond what others do, because we work tirelessly to find the best methods and options for each specific situation. We know our customers deserve the highest quality service, with individualized plans, and researched options that work best for them. 

Our booking process is quick and streamlined, so your move is only a few clicks away. We keep you updated along the way, never letting your shipment go off our radar. We work with you as the shipper to be flexible and communicative, so that you have no worries along the way. 

Affordable. Personalized. Professional. Fast. At Royalty Speed, while you sleep, your shipment is on the move.

Tips on How to Package Items:

-Wrap the items, such as glass or electronics, separate from other items in the load so they can be properly labeled and kept away from the less fragile items that could damage them in shipment

-Pack crates full and use packing material (thermocol, peanuts, bubble wrap or paper shreds) to help keep items from sliding or moving during the shipment

-Heavy items should be on the bottom of the crate, and lighter items go on top