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Full Truckload

• It involves pallet loads or bulk loads which are large enough to fill a whole truck or if you just want the whole truck to yourself

Any Flatbed Shipments

LTL or less than truckload

• If you don't need the full truck to yourself then this option is the way to go in the end saving you a few dollars in your pocket. It splits the total pricing of transportation with other shippers that results in cost savings.

Vehicle Freight

• Any vehicles for example like cars, suvs, motorcycles, trucks, ect. Any vehicle shipping requires special attention as they are very expensive and have a lot of risks.

Ground & Air Expedited

• It is for time-critical shipments, the ones which require quick delivery. It is done by plane or a truck.

International Ocean & Air

• shipping freight to a different country gives you 2 options either by air or by boat


• This is typically the shipping with the combination of two ways of transportation. It can be a mixture of roadways and rails mostly. Normally, having included railway transportation results in lower costs. It becomes one of the most reliable methods of shipping cargo.

Things that determine the costings and rates of your transportation

  • Weight and size: The dimensions and the total weight of your shipment is a big factor to be considered properly. Every inch will add up to the total cost, and accordingly the rate is set and given to you.
  • Shipping method: The method of shipment that you choose will determine different pricing. Every single mode of transportation has its own rate chart.
  • Destination and the origin of shipment: The place to and from will have an impact on the rate as different places are connected via different transportation modes and methods.
  • Other special services: If supposedly your goods are fragile, perishable, hazardous or such, it will attract extra cost as it requires very careful instructions for it to be handled safely.
  • What do these shipment varients include?
    A dry van of commonly 43 to 53 feet to carry dry goods, temperature control for different climatic conditions, and a flatbed to ship very bulky, oversized and oddly shaped goods but does not suit weather sensitive freights. The refrigerated freight is also present when you have a shipment that needs temperature control. Food, plants, beverages, perishable items which require refrigeration are shipped via refrigerated cargos. A step deck trailer comes into use when there is a need to transport something that is high. Heavy construction items like flooring, scaffolding setups, piping, tractors, and stacked wood are transported with this equipment.

    Freight shipping

    is a transportation method or process that helps to transport merchandises like cargo and goods, and also various commodities. It is done on land, air, and sea. It can be done by a ship, plane, train or a truck.

    There are other brokers out there that you can use that are very prominent. But our company Royalty Speed is providing you the best-in-class service. There are reasons why we are the best option to choose for your next and all future shipping.


    What are the benefits that you get when choosing a freight service with us.

    With Royalty Speed you receive well-acquainted points that are reasonable to choose for the next freight shipping of yours. Some of those benefits are listed down below for you-

    • Time – The service is on time with no complaints. All the varieties of the shipping services you want are covered well on time and your customers become happy because of your timely handover to them. The delivery window is very tight. Each variety of shipping has its own service level that is available for you so that you can choose whatever method and timeframe suits and fits your business.
    • Shipping costs – When you choose Royalty Speed you save a handsome amount of money in shipping. Everybody needs time to research about the carriers, get a well-informed quoting on them, and also to find the adequate reasonable rates for the freights. With our competitive rates and pricing charts, the contract that is set will be fair and square.
    • Carriers – We provide you with top-class carriers to make sure that whatever commodity and goods are being carried are safe and secure within the carrier. The contracts we have with our carriers are high in quality of work they do to keep the work running smoothly.

    Freight packaging methods

    Pallets as a choice pallets that are used are very important and comes handy most of the time. Many freight shipments require the need for palletization. These are a kind of portable platform used for packing items for freight shipping. Pallets are best to protect any kind of shipment during loading, unloading, and transit. They make the loading and unloading a lot easier and faster for the carrier. It allows the carrier for maximizing the space inside a trailer.

    It is very important to check if the final packaged good is secured in place, and properly balanced. Shrink wrap method and strapping is used mostly for the same to secure the entire shipment to make sure there is no problem of wear and tear.

    You should be aware of how much of your shipment is fragile. If you forget to inform about such, it may result in breakage of items. Often, it happens that the customers tend to not note down how many packages are fragile and how many are not and it creates confusion to both the shipper and customer. It afterwards results in breakages and loss of property. You must have heard about such cases. So that is why it is important to notify and label whats fragile before booking.

    Crate shipping is another option

    Crates are best to ship fragile items. It protects your fragile items to the maximum extent. Wood crates are proven to be built as per to accommodate non-standard as well as standard dimensions of the freight. It is a very affordable and flexible method to ship your fragile goods no matter how long the shipment delivery time and distance is.

    And how to ship items that are fragile

    • Wrap the fragile items such as electronics and glass material separately.
    • Keep the fragile and the non-fragile items separate to lower the damage due to the movement of items during transportation.
    • Pack the crates as full as possible inside the crate to leave no extra room for movement as items will definitely move.

    Some tips for you

    • Pack the heavy items on the bottom of the crate and the lighter ones on the top.
    • Use packaging material like thermocol or paper shreds to fill up the remaining open space inside the crate so that the item does not move and create any type of damage.
    • Always minimize the movement during packing by bringing the items close to each other.
    • Make sure to fill the entire crate to its full capacity to lower the chances of shifting of items inside it while in transit.
      Freight Shipping QuoteYou need to first take a note on what type of goods you are transporting as a shipment. The destination of your delivery will be noted which will decide what type of mode of transporting freight is going to be suitable for you. The weight of your entire shipment will be measured and packaged accordingly. The techniques used to pack the shipment will also add to the total cost of the freight. After all of the things have been taken note of, the whole costing will be calculated for you.

      Royalty Speed to your rescue

      We provide different types of services according to your needs to ship freight. Whether you need to ship a car, need some advice on auto transport quotes, or it may be any kind of worry with moving freight, we are here to help you.For individuals, we serve

      • There won’t be any kind of long distance driving anymore for you. We will handle everything no matter how long the distance is. Our moving and relocation services guarantee no wear and tear of your goods. All your commodities will be safe.
      • Selling your car to an online buyer will now be easier. You will get good pick-up service and great customer service. It is all guaranteed to you.
      • International shipping will be done airways and waterways via plane or ship. The loading at ports will be done appropriately and very carefully for you. And the cargo will be shipped on time.
      • For businesses, your company will get the utmost priority if you choose Royalty Speed. The booking will be simplified and just a few clicks. The company performance is reported daily and monitored via your agents.
      • The delivery times are flexible so you do not have to hassle. Even the loads are flexible.

      In a cumulative way, your experiences will be highly placed above all responsibilities. You get a flexible service from us. Flexible mode of transport, flexible delivery, and flexible load.  Whether it be LTL freight, truckload freight, or any other load, we are always ready to help you out with it. Our motive is to provide you the best service across the world. Our vision and headstart are that we stay fixed upon our believes that we are the one only freight shipment service that you need to ask for.

      We are brokers who will help you choose your best option for your shipments. Wherever you are based, just contact us with any queries if you have one. We are always ready to answer any kind of question there is for your doubts regarding the shipment service. It can be regarding costs, modes of transportations, quotes, weights. Loading method, and so on…

      All the paperwork and scheduling is done properly and on time. We want to make our shippers carefree from any pressure or tension above you. We are a team or group of brokers who will lead you a well provided service in this field. You need not worry about your package and goods as it will be in our hands to protect it and make the delivery on time with no loss. Our freight business service will be proven best for you once you use our services.